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PROCEDURE IN DETAIL:  After the procedure was explained to the patient with the benefits and the complications, the patient agreed and signed the consent.  After consent was obtained, with the patient in supine position under very light anesthesia, with the patient awake and able to follow commands, the scope was introduced through the mouth and the larynx and laryngeal structures were inspected.  These were normal.  The vocal cords were especially observed during the inspiration and expiration, and the mobility of the cords was completely normal.  The scope was then introduced into the trachea, which was normal.  The carina was sharp and normal.  The right main bronchus and left main bronchi were normal.  The scope was then directed into the upper lobe bronchus and all its subsegments were inspected; all of them were normal.  Then, the left lingual segment and the left lower lobe bronchus were all inspected with their subsegments; all of them were normal.  The scope was then directed into the right and in the right upper lobe bronchus, middle, and lower lobe bronchi, with their subsegments, were all inspected and normal.  No evidence of structural damage was observed on the mucosa or the airways as far as the scope could see.  Then, lavage was done into the right middle lobe bronchus and fluid was aspirated, about 15 mL, and sent for eosinophilic count and for Gram stain and culture.