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This study was performed using thin sections in sagittal and coronal planes with and without contrast.  Whole head images were taken using T2 weighted and contrast-enhanced imaging as well.  The contents of the sella are unchanged since the previous study.  The size of the pituitary itself is stable.  Its enhancement pattern again is homogeneous.  There is no focal area that is definitely present suggesting a new or growing mass.  The optic chiasm is midline.  The parasellar structures appear unremarkable.  The remaining portion of the exam likewise shows no evidence of abnormal signal within the gray or white matter of the cerebral hemispheres or of the cerebellar structures.  No abnormal enhancement is noted throughout these areas.  Today's examination does not show any incidental note of sinusitis of significance.  Only minimal ethmoid sinus mucosal change is noted.  The posterior fossa structures are unremarkable.  The brainstem is unremarkable.

1.  Stable appearance of pituitary gland with and without contrast when compared to the previous study.  No new or growing mass is suspected.
2.  No abnormal enhancement is noted on whole head images as well.