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Cystoscopy, Retrograde Pyelogram and Right Ureterorenoscopy Transcribed Medical Transcription Sample Report

PROCEDURE IN DETAIL:  The patient was readied for cystoscopy. The patient received appropriate monitoring and general anesthesia. She was prepped and draped in the left dorsal lithotomy position. Cystourethroscopy was performed and effluxing urine was again seen from the right orifice. Reinspection of the bladder revealed no other diagnostic abnormalities. A Pollack catheter and Bentson guidewire were introduced into the right orifice and a retrograde pyelogram was done. This was completely normal throughout. There was no deviation of the caliber of the ureter. The diameter of the ureter was normal throughout. The pelvicaliceal system of the kidney looked perfectly normal. It was elected to then proceed with ureterorenoscopy which was done using the new mini ureteroscope. This was passed over the guidewire through the urethra, bladder, and into the orifice. There was no evidence of lesions within the ureter and the scope was gradually passed all the way back until the pelvis of the kidney was visualized and part of the interior of the kidney was noted. No diagnostic abnormalities or abnormal findings were appreciated. The water was turned off in order to try to tell where the bleeding might be coming from, but this was not successful. The scope was then slowly withdrawn reinspecting the ureter while doing so and again no abnormalities were noted.

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